I won’t bore you with a whole bunch of legal mumbo jumbo. I think we’ll all be better off if the terms are simple.


All file downloads can be used for ANY kind of personal use. You want to make something for yourself, to give as a gift, to print out to line your birdcage, that’s all fine.

If you’re not profiting from the downloads in any way, you don’t even need to be hanging around reading this. Go do something creative.


If you want to use any of the downloads commercially, you must purchase a commercial use license.

Commercial use includes merchandise production, publications that are sold, and online or offline advertisements and commercial promotions. Using images or tools downloaded from Statchoo Scraps on or in anything that is created with the intention of making a profit is considered commercial use.

So that’s it. Simple.

If you have any questions about usage or whether you need a commercial license, feel free to contact me.