Spiderweb Overlays

Spiderweb Overlays and spider

Well I started out just doing a couple of cartoony spiderwebs – then I thought, “What’s a spiderweb without a spider?” and started drawing a cute little spider. Somehow my cute little spider morphed into this cool creepy guy instead. That’s why he’s getting top billing on my preview. 🙂

Anyways, the overlays are just in black – you can color them lighter for dark backgrounds and drop the opacity for more realistic effects. The spider is a little over 2.25″ long – which is big enough, I think!

It looks like you are on a mobile device. Please check the download size before attempting to download.

Downloads are free and can be used for personal use with no limits. To use any of the downloaded files for commercial use, you must purchase a commercial use license. Please see terms for more information.

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