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There was a time where I’d record my own actions to do menial labor like selecting and trimming and saving files. I still use actions for bulk resizing files and other boring stuff I have to do regularly. Recording an action takes a little time to set up, but if it can save me time and aggravation later, I’m all for it!

But did you know that Photoshop has some really cool time saving features built in? Such as allowing you to export multiple layers as their own file (including PNG!)

For instance, let’s say you’re a scrapbook designer and you’ve got an alpha to save. If you have each letter of your alpha on it’s own layer, go to FILE>EXPORT>LAYERS TO FILES and you’ll get this dialog box.

Export layers to files dialog box

Destination Browse here to select a place to save the files.

File Name Prefix This is prepopulated with the name of your document, but you can change it if you like or even delete it completely.

Visible Layers Only If you leave this unchecked you will get every single layer, including backgrounds etc. If you check it, make sure you have every single layer you want visible.

Format So here you can choose which format you want to save your layers to, JPEG, PDF, PNG-24 – you can even save your layers to separate PSD files! Depending on which format you choose, you’ll get some options below.

For instance, if you choose PNG-24 you’ll see the options to check transparency, interlaced, and trim. So for your alpha make sure to check transparency and trim. Then hit the run button.

When it’s done, go look in the destination folder. The naming convention that Photoshop uses is File Name Prefix – underscore – 4 digit number that corresponds to the order the layer was saved – underscore – Layer Name for example MyDocument_0001_LayerName.png. So it’s important to have your layers named correctly.

Also be aware that any clipped layers will be saved as their own layer, for instance I just did this quick sample. I have a letter with a bunch of effects on one layer, a shape that’s been modified clipped to it, and a selection with a different color clipped on top. I know it’s not pretty, but bear with me. 😀

Export layers example problem

If I don’t merge those layers together before running, I get this.

Export layers to file result

Which wouldn’t be what you’re expecting, so merge those layers if you want it to look exact.

But it gave me an idea, so I did another one with three different clipped layers, one with a denim texture, one with a pattern and one with some hearts.

Another export sample

And after running I get these. Which is kinda cool, right? Each clipped layer saves with the main layer separately, so that could be a pretty useful thing!

Export result

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