Flower Factory tutorial

Most of you will be able to figure out how to use the Flower Factory download, but if you’re stuck, here’s a step-by-step and a few ideas on what to do.
Flower factory tutorial 1
Pick a petal and a center you like, line them up, and add a little drop shadow to one or both of the layers if you want.

If that’s enough, stop there! Or…

Flower factory tutorial 2
Add another center and another petal. Resize the upper petal a little smaller and rotate it so the one in the back shows. Add drop shadows to those new layers if you want.

Note that when I say I’m adding another center layer, I’m adding it below the center I already have. When I’m adding petal layers, I’m adding them above the existing petal layers.

Flower factory tutorial 3
Let’s add a couple more petals. Remember to make each one a little smaller and rotate it slightly. I also added one more center – the center I chose was too brown so I adjusted the color a bit. If you’re using Photoshop, you can adjust the colors of almost anything! And you can use your own brads, buttons or whatever for the centers too.

Flower factory tutorial 4
Now I dropped the opacity of the top 3 petal layers to about 90% to make those layers look a little daintier, and then I decided to get rid of the gingham center and try something else. This one (resized) looks better!

Remember, you can resize any of the layers smaller, and you can get some interesting effects just by playing with the opacity of the petal layers. You can also experiment with other layer effects, in this last one I also added a bit of an inner glow and a gradient overlay to the top yellow petal layer.

Flower factory sample 1
On the left, the bottom petal layer is at 100%, then there are two pink petal layers at 40%, another of the same back layer, then two really small pink ones for the center.

On the right, it’s 3 layers of the same petal. All the petal layers are at 60%, and the gold center layer has been resized smaller.

Flower factory sample 2
Here are a couple other samples using variations of the same steps.

Have fun with it and who knows what you’ll come up with!

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