Document presets in Photoshop

If you use Photoshop and you’re always working with a specific document size and resolution (such as 12″x12″ scrapbook paper) did you know you can create a document preset? Then instead of typing it in every time you can just select it from the drop down menu. This could save you seconds every day! 😉

Seriously though, I have several presets for stuff I do all the time – it’s really convenient and it keeps me from forgetting anything. It’s annoying to be halfway through something and then realize that you’re working in the wrong size or resolution.

Here are the steps to use – first open Photoshop and go to FILE>NEW and click the icon on the top right.

Document preset in Photoshop

Then enter in the size, resolution, color mode, and even the background color, give it a name and save it. Now you can quickly open a new doc under the SAVED link on top.

Saved document preset

Photoshop comes now with a ton of presets. You can select one, modify it if you need to, then click the icon, name it and save it too.

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