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As you may notice, a lot of the download files were originally created for digital scrapbooking, which is why most downloads in the paper and overlays categories are 12″ x 12″ in size.

Many of the downloads include multiple images, and because these images are high resolution, they do take up a LOT of space. Digital papers are saved in CMYK for printing, and full color overlays with alpha transparency can get massive.

Any images with transparent backgrounds were actually created in CMYK but are converted to RGB when saving. You should be able to convert to CMYK or drop any PNG image on a CMYK document with no color change.


To make this quick example I used a paper and ribbon from one download (17.1MB), papers from 2 others (6.62MB and 19.9MB), and a frame from one more (6.07MB), so that’s almost 50MB altogether for just those 4 downloads.

The size of the files is calculated on each download link, so please be aware of how much space you’ll need if you’re downloading multiple items. I’ve put a warning on the downloads for anyone viewing the site from their phone because most files are quite big.

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